Sales commitment

With high-quality products, high-calibre personnel and international standards, Chiu Cheung provides customers with one-stop service which is continuously value-added.

1-year of warranty and service guarantee (except electrical appliances)

During the warranty period, free on-site maintenance service is provided. Spare parts are free to change if it is worked under normal run. It will keep certain stocks in each sub-office to ensure that repairing service should be given within 24 hours upon receipt of request. 


Lifelong technical support

In the case of technical problems or failures, the nearest sub-office will give their responds within 24 hours and provide timely repair or replacement.


Technical support and services

Apart from the maintenance period, Chiu Cheung has also prepared sufficient spare parts in order to meet urgent needs and maintenance requested by our customers.


Data securely keep

Customer date and order information are kept for 15 years+.